Friday, February 26, 2016

Dream giver

****The Dream Giver***

The light of the moon shined on a window a mistress old man with bright white wings.. He had a sack full of glowing golden eggs he cracked it on the kids It made dreams in their heads.Less and less eggs were on the bed on one of the beds there were two eggs the kid kick one of the egg off onto a book. In his dream there was a huge purple star. It blow up and turn into dess and then a big worm hole appeared and sud hem in.The book was shining golden around the hole book.The kid woke up in a jungle there were a pack of butterflies.One of the butterflies flow onto the kids hand. He found a dark black cave.A yellow eye appeared in the cave then two eyes appeared it was a big dark black creature appeared from the cave the kid run and run and run to the end.The creature found him.The mistress old man throw the golden eggs at the ground it made a tree grow on the creature the kid woke up and the old man rushed out the window the kid read the book.

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