Wednesday, October 19, 2016

My RUGBY story

Rugby game
Today ashton loma buti and has a double nee and RAha messam is buti and play number 8  james mccaw is big and play number 7  .fast and a kicker  went to Moerewa rugby
field and had a rugby game. when ashton lomu kicked it off Raha messam it and james macaw chass the ball then i ran up to james mccaw
then raha messam  steps james mccaw. (I try to run but You see i’M not that fast)then ashton lomu (comes in like a wrecking ball) and cripples  Raha messam( said ho dat who Der) then james mccaw. At motown rugby field james mccaw ran to his place and got his Lambo and picked him up and took him to the hospital.
rang the hospital then they said we are coming  now .then they broke down and they rang up and said we can’t fix this then he suddenly heard a sound oooaa and then he wakes up it was all a dream and james say wake up my moko  wake up Moko then james sequences raha nose. And a photo of us.and the end.