Tuesday, November 22, 2016


We are learnng to do persuade wirting.
We used google drawing and images.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Once upon a time a boy with one wing was playing the float.Suddenly big black bird monsters drop down by the one winged boy and the big black bird monster.They snatch the float out of this hand.The one wing boy sneaked away.

Dashed into the woods and found his house and open the door then lock the door.The bird creatures flow into the clouds.Someone found his float.At night he created a big lancker and he make a fake wing out of sticks and rope.He look at the stars.Then lancked into the clouds.Bang the boy with one wing dropped down onto his head.

The bird creatures sra did him.Out of nowhere the person was a girl with one real wing and the stick and rope wing and she had the boy’s float.She started to play the float and the bird creatures fold her and she got hit from the creature and the one wing boy heard his float and walked closer and closer the noise got louder and louder.The girl was playing the float.The bird creatures  ripped the wing off.